Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Rural beginning - Seeding a career.

The Alfarm Air Seeder was in the beginning just a design project for me as a young designer at John Westwood Design Group, with a Job No, a Job Bag and a line on my timesheet each week. I related to the job because I had grown up in Shepparton on 18 acres and I really enjoyed seeing my concept through to prototype and production, but it was one of many projects in the office. This project however ultimately lead to a long career for me working for Silvan Australia, edp, and other Australian manufacturers in the agricultural machinery sector. Ejo began at this time and it was whilst visiting an agricultural machinery Field Day to view the first production Alfarm air seeders that I met and spoke to staff on the Silvan stand and so began my twenty plus year career designing agricultural machinery. My first project for Silvan was the 200 Litre Truck Pak. (see previous post)

Alfarm air seeder concept rendering by industrial designer Ian Wong, 1988. 
Note 80's background technique in the shape of the Alfarm logo. John Westwood and Mario Matkovich at JWDA were Philips trained industrial designers and passed on many rendering techniques.

Industrial designer Ian Wong with the classic 200 litre TrukPak designed in 1989 and the DieselPak 400L and DieselPak 100L for Silvan Australia.  

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