Monday, 30 May 2011

1988 - RMIT Exhibition group photo

This photo taken at the 1988 RMIT industrial design graduate show in "The Cafe" Level 4, Building 8. Lionel Suttie was the lecturer in charge of final year and Ted Kayser was teaching engineering drawing. This was Lionel's last year teaching and I would join Ted in 1989 which would be my first lecturing role at RMIT University. I remember well how much Ted helped me, after class one evening in Building 49, with my first product design for Silvan, the Trukpak. The accurate calculation of a products volume and allowance for shrinkage was new to me, so his years of experience was invaluable. He delighted in teaching me the ropes. The patterns were made from my drawings, aluminium tooling cast, and the product has been in continuous production from this tool ever since - precisely 200 litres. Thanks Ted.

Pictured from left at the 1988 RMIT industrial design graduation exhibition; Robert Pataki, Lionel Suttie, Edward (Ted) Kayser, Barry Loftus, Ian Edgar, and John Westwood.

Silvan TrukPak designed by industrial designer Ian Wong in 1989. Still in production.

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