Monday, 23 May 2011

Marc Pascal - Early works

The raw talent and originality in Marc Pascal's design was evident in his earliest work as a student in industrial design at RMIT. I vividly recall in 1990 hanging in the Faculty of Art Gallery, Building 2 Level B, a working prototype of a glass light fitting designed and made by Marc as a second year student. It featured on the course brochure at the time and I will continue the search of my archive for the image. Marc like all RMIT industrial design students of that era completed a brilliant group furniture production project with Hendrikus Berkers, and I was fortunate to run this in Marc's time. The chair he designed with Peter Thomas is shown below. These projects, run in Building 4, were established by Dean Holmes I think, or at least I recall Dean working with my year which was a folding chair.

Student chair prototype designed and made by Marc Pascal and Peter Thomas whilst at RMIT.

Marc Pascal chaise designed whilst a student at RMIT University.

Orchid table lamp by RMIT alumni industrial designer Marc Pascal.

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