Sunday, 29 July 2012

GM Design - Monash University innovative design winner.

Monash University industrial design student Frederik Dallmeyer has been awarded the most innovative design for the 2012 General Motors PACE Global Annual Forum automotive design competition in Shanghai this week.

GM China design director Wulin Gaowa congratulates Monash University industrial design lecturer Mark Richardson and student Frederik Dallmeyer on winning the most innovative automotive design competition in Shanghai.

L-R: Ian Wong, Frederik Dallmeyer, Brigid O'Kane, Mark West and Wulin Gaowa GM China design director.

2012 PACE Global Annual Forum. Shanghai, China.

GM PACE Global Annual Forum Innovative Mobility System (IMS) project finalists on display in Shanghai China.

Award winning IMS - Innovative Mobilty System vehicle designed by Monash University industrial design student Frederik Dallmeyer.

Wulin Gaowa GM China design director and Simon Loasby VW China design director with Sheryll Garrett GM Design with the award winning presentation from Monash University industrial design.

Sheryl Garrett from GM Design celebrates award winning innovative automotive design from Monash University with industrial design lecturer and GM PACE integrator Ian Wong.

The 2012 PACE Global Annual Forum was held in Shanghai China and hosted by Shanghai Jiao Tong University, Tongji University, GM China. PACE  - Partners for the Advancement of Collaborative Engineering Education.

Suzhou - China

Suzhou in China is famous as the Venice of the East and Pingjiang Road in the old town provides a visitor with many photo opportunities.

Suzhou China

Suzhou China

Suzhou China

Suzhou China

Suzhou China

Monash University - Suzhou China

Monash University has commenced double masters programs in China.

The Southeast University  Monash University Joint Graduate School Suzhou will see over 1400 post graduate students located in the new facility in the Suzhou Industrial Park and education precinct.

Monash University Master of Industrial Design Program director Ian Wong visits the Southeast University Monash University Joint Graduate School Suzhou.

Southeast University research centre Suzhou China.

China - Monash University students

I recently met students enrolled to commence the Southeast University Monash University Double Masters in Industrial Design commencing in September 2012. Students will complete two years of full time study at the Southeast University Monash University Joint Graduate School Suzhou campus in Suzhou China and qualify with a masters degree from both institutions.

Program director Ian Wong in Nanjing China meeting with students enrolled to commence the inaugural Southeast University Monash University Double Masters in Industrial Design.

The GM EN-V electric network vehicle project was a feature of the world expo in Shanghai in 2010. Monash University Master of Industrial Design Program Director Ian Wong presents the work of Monash University alumnus industrial designers on the EN-V project in Suzhou China.

Monash University Master of Industrial Design Program Director Ian Wong delivers an introductory lecture to students in Suzhou China. The GM Buick Lacrosse sedan pictured was designed by Monash University industrial design alumnus Justin Thompson in Shanghai. The GM Buick Lacrosse is one of the highest selling vehicles in China.

Sunday, 15 July 2012

RMIT University - Swanston Street Academic Building

RMIT University will open the Swanston Academic Building this week.

I remember parking on the vacant land behind the Oxford when I was a student in industrial design and imagining one day the building RMIT would build on this site. Whilst on staff at RMIT industrial design over the past four years I have watched it emerge with great interest.

One Friday night we celebrated with RMIT industrial design alumni and staff the contribution over 25years of Paul Pyle to RMIT in the Oxford Scholar which building 80 surrounds.

It will be exciting to see the impact of this new building and student cohort on the city campus.

RMIT University  Building 80 Swanston Street Academic building.

RMIT Building 80 by Lyons Architecture.

Friday, 13 July 2012

Paul Pyle - Farewell drinks.

Paul Pyle retired today after twenty five years of service to industrial design education in Victoria. RMIT industrial design alumni and staff gathered for a beer in person and online through Facebook to wish Paul well and thank him for all he has done in his role as laboratory technician in the Building 49 industrial design workshop. Thanks Paul.

RMIT industrial design alumni and staff honour Paul Pyle's contribution over 25 years of service.

RMIT industrial design alumni and staff.

RMIT industrial design alumni Jack Magree and Ian Wong celebrate with Paul Pyle.


RMIT Open Day - Ergo man 1982

RMIT University Open Day in 1980 was where I first discovered industrial design. The display of renderings and concept sketches of design projects convinced a maths science kid with a passion for art and creativity that industrial design was the career for him. It has been my passion since that Sunday in August 1980.

In 1982 when asked to contribute to Open Day by Elivio Bonollo I was keen to do my bit to foster interest in industrial design amongst Open Day visitors. Working with fellow first year industrial design students Malte Wagenfeld, Denis Smitka, Jack Magree, Xavier Segafredo, and Jamie Nance we not only had great fun but the 'ergo man' was a feature in publicity for the the 1982 Open Day. The article below was published in 'The Sun' August 1982. 

Jack Magree is a director of leading industrial design consultancy CobaltNiche with fellow RMIT alumnus Steven Martinuzzo. Malte, Denis and myself are now senior academics at each of the universities in Victoria with industrial design programs; Malte Wagenfeld at RMIT University, Denis Smitka at Swinburne Univerity and myself at Monash University.

Open Day 1982 promotion, the huge Ergo Man, by RMIT Industrial Design students Malte Wagenfeld, Denis Smitka, Jack Magree, Xavier Segafredo, and Ian Wong.  

Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Monash University - Southeast University China delegation visit.

 Dean of the Faculty of Art Design and Architecture at Monash University Professor Shane Murray hosted delegates from Southeast University this week at the Caulfield campus. Professor Murray outlined the Double Master of Industrial Design program with Southeast University which is scheduled to begin in September 2012 at the Southeast University-Monash University Joint Graduate School (Suzhou) in China.

Left to right: Professor Shen Jiong (Vice President Graduate Education) Southeast University, Professor Shane Murray Monash University and  Professor Pu Yuepu (Vice President International Cooperation) Southeast University.

Southeast University Nanjing China

Professor Shane Murray with delegates from Southeast University China and Monash University staff.
Left to right: Ian Wong - Program Director Master of Industrial Design, Professor Shen Jiong, Professor Shane Murray - Dean Faculty of Art Design and Architecture, Professor Pu Yuepu Associate Professor Arthur de Bono - Head of Design, Diego Ramirez-Lovering - Head of Architecture, Professor Callum Morton - Head of Fine Art and Marcus Jung Deputy Associate Dean Global Engagement. 

Paul Pyle - Farewell Drinks

Paul Pyle has decided to retire and will leave RMIT industrial design on Friday. It's time!

Paul Pyle - RMIT Industrial Design

Join us to farewell Paul at The Oxford this Friday night July13th from 4.00pm. Please spread the word amongst industrial design alumni.


Farewell Drinks - Paul Pyle
The Oxford Hotel
Swanston Street
Friday July 13th

PS - As long as you sign in to the book in 49, Paul is available until 3.59pm to help with that last minute modelling job!!!  :-)

Sunday, 8 July 2012

Rapid Design Skills - Prototyping pedagogy

Teaching industrial design can be prototyped just as well as a product.

Last week during a Monash University short course I explored the potential of 3D printers in a classroom context. I am particularly interested in using these new tools in the Master of Industrial Design program in China.

Students in the course had been asked on Day 1 to create a 3D package for a 'cookie' using card.

At 9.00am on Day 2 I chose a design concept and by 2pm presented it back to the class as a rendering, CAD model, technical drawing and a 3D print in ABS. We even shared the image of all this on Facebook.

The capacity to 3D print design concepts at your desk is now a reality and is changing the way we teach and learn industrial design.

Thanks to Vincent C for his creative PACMAN concept.

Rendering, CAD model, tech drawing 1:1 and rapid prototype.

Original creative PACMAN packaging concept by Vincent C.

3D print file preparations.

MakerBot 3D printer begins PACMAN prototype.

Friday, 6 July 2012

OPEN DAY - Monash University

Monash University Industrial Design Program director Selby Coxon discusses the program on Open Day 2012.

Industrial design concept sketching demo by Kou Hei Kawakami.

Industrial design concept sketches by Kou Hei Kawakami.

Monash University industrial design student Queena Le demonstrates automotive clay modelling on Open Day.

Sunday 5th August

Monash University
Industrial Design
Caulfield Campus
Building G

Mobi by Jack Martinich - Open Day

Monash University Open Day industrial design

Wacom Lab Monash University industrial design

Monash University Industrial Design

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Thursday, 5 July 2012

Tate Anson - SOYA

Melbourne Movement member and RMIT alumnus industrial designer Tate Anson has entered the Spirit of Youth Awards for 2012.

I would encourage all to support emerging talent and vote in the people's choice for these awards.

Driven by the potential for new technology to reinvent and reinvigorate traditional furniture making Tate is emerging as a design talent and winning this award would greatly support his career.

An amazing twelve month mentorship from Marc Newson is on offer.

Good luck Tate.

To vote for Tate click link below and like his entry.

Designer Tate Anson in Milan at the Salone Satellite 2012 pictured explaining the innovation of the Tryst stool to one of the hundreds of intrigued visitors.

Tate Anson with Melbourne Movement director Ian Wong at Salone Satellite 2012. 

Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Ken Cato - Design Education agIdeas

The DIA Victorian branch Design Education Practice Group (DEPG) will conduct a forum for Victorian design educators with DIA Hall of Fame graphic designer Ken Cato on Thursday July 12th 5pm RMIT Building 55 (AMP) Cnr Queensberry & Cardigan streets.

The forum will celebrate and discuss the influence, impact and outcomes of agIdeas International Design Week on Victorian design education over 21 years.

Ken Cato

Booking: Trybooking. DIACATO