Sunday, 8 July 2012

Rapid Design Skills - Prototyping pedagogy

Teaching industrial design can be prototyped just as well as a product.

Last week during a Monash University short course I explored the potential of 3D printers in a classroom context. I am particularly interested in using these new tools in the Master of Industrial Design program in China.

Students in the course had been asked on Day 1 to create a 3D package for a 'cookie' using card.

At 9.00am on Day 2 I chose a design concept and by 2pm presented it back to the class as a rendering, CAD model, technical drawing and a 3D print in ABS. We even shared the image of all this on Facebook.

The capacity to 3D print design concepts at your desk is now a reality and is changing the way we teach and learn industrial design.

Thanks to Vincent C for his creative PACMAN concept.

Rendering, CAD model, tech drawing 1:1 and rapid prototype.

Original creative PACMAN packaging concept by Vincent C.

3D print file preparations.

MakerBot 3D printer begins PACMAN prototype.

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