Friday, 13 July 2012

RMIT Open Day - Ergo man 1982

RMIT University Open Day in 1980 was where I first discovered industrial design. The display of renderings and concept sketches of design projects convinced a maths science kid with a passion for art and creativity that industrial design was the career for him. It has been my passion since that Sunday in August 1980.

In 1982 when asked to contribute to Open Day by Elivio Bonollo I was keen to do my bit to foster interest in industrial design amongst Open Day visitors. Working with fellow first year industrial design students Malte Wagenfeld, Denis Smitka, Jack Magree, Xavier Segafredo, and Jamie Nance we not only had great fun but the 'ergo man' was a feature in publicity for the the 1982 Open Day. The article below was published in 'The Sun' August 1982. 

Jack Magree is a director of leading industrial design consultancy CobaltNiche with fellow RMIT alumnus Steven Martinuzzo. Malte, Denis and myself are now senior academics at each of the universities in Victoria with industrial design programs; Malte Wagenfeld at RMIT University, Denis Smitka at Swinburne Univerity and myself at Monash University.

Open Day 1982 promotion, the huge Ergo Man, by RMIT Industrial Design students Malte Wagenfeld, Denis Smitka, Jack Magree, Xavier Segafredo, and Ian Wong.  

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