Friday, 5 February 2016

Stuart Devlin - Designer of Australia's iconic decimal coins.

The enduring design work by Stuart Devlin for Australia's decimal coins is celebrated in BlackBOX - Design and Innovation | Melbourne Australia. The 50th Anniversary of the release in 1966 of the coins will soon be celebrated on February 14th 2016.

I have had the pleasure of interviewing Stuart at his home on several occasions and I have also visited the Royal Australian Mint in Canberra to view his original sketches.

BlackBOX - Design and Innovation | Melbourne Australia will be exhibited in Tianjin China from February 29th to March 28th 2016 and in Melbourne April 26th to May 6th 2016.

Stuart Devlin designer of Australia's iconic and enduring decimal coins released in 1966.

Iconic Australian decimal coins designed by Stuart Devlin.

Coins featured in all 64 3D printed boxes in BlackBOX - Design and Innovation | Melbourne Australia.

Coins featured in all 64 3D printed boxes in BlackBOX - Design and Innovation | Melbourne Australia.

BlackBOX - Design and Innovation | Melbourne Australia at Expo in Citta as part of ExpoMilan 2015.

Video of BlackBOX app featuring the coins and demonstrating the innovative use of bluetooth with Art Processor Enso Locate Beacons.

BlackBOX – Design and Innovation | Melbourne Australia is an exhibition that celebrates design and innovation from Melbourne Victoria Australia. The black box flight recorder was invented in Melbourne in 1957 by David Warren. Adopted as a standard air safety device it is installed on all commercial aircraft so this innovative research has had global impact. The analysis of data captured by a black box flight recorder provides valuable insights that help to ensure future air travel is safer.
The BlackBOX research project has captured raw data about the history of design and innovation in Melbourne and the exhibition acts as an archive for future analysis and research.
The exhibition layout references Melbourne’s town planning, with the Hoddle grid inspiring a field of sixty four 3D printed boxes. Products designed by professional designers that have endured are featured with most still in production. A digital archive for each project is activated as visitors approach an individual box. The pure geometric cubes represent solid state memory and reference the idea of the black box. They give voice to an untold history of design and innovation from Melbourne. Actual flight recorders are neither black nor box shaped. The content is viewed utilising Melbourne based Art Processors innovative mobile content delivery solutions. The app is available for iOS mobile devices using wifi which highlights the invention of wifi by the CSIRO 
in Australia.

3D printed metal coins in BlackBOX are a tribute to the iconic and enduring designs by Stuart Devlin for Australia's decimal coins.

Ian Wong examines sketches and drawings by Stuart Devlin for the design of Australia's decimal coins released in 1966.

Saturday, 23 January 2016

David Flynn - Little Biddy Telephone Box pencil case

Classic Red Telephone Box pencil case designed by David Flynn in Melbourne for the Little Biddy Product Company by Willow

Concept sketches from 1980s by David Flynn at Bayly Design in Melbourne.

Wednesday, 20 January 2016

Nylex - Iconic Australian brand

The iconic Australian brand Nylex is known to many from the illuminted clock in Richmond Melbourne. This promotional drink coaster from the 1960s features the first trademark for the brand developed by Moulded Products Australia.

Iconic Australian brand Nylex logo.

David Flynn - Willow Alpine cooler

I spy… New 2.5 L Willow Apline cooler jug designed in Melbourne by David Flynn.

One more to add to my collection of products designed in Melbourne. Early versions of the Alpine jug in plastic were designed in 1974 by Romand Rodberg and Charles Furey according to Willow. David Flynn and the team at Bayly Design in the 1980s designed many products for Willow including the Red jug pictured below, second from right.

Willow Alpine jug designed in Melbourne by David Flynn

Willow Alpine coolers have been manufactured in Melbourne for more than 40 years.

Monday, 18 January 2016

Regis glasses - Telecom Australia

Telecom Australia logo on Regis glass designed by Edward Kayser in Melbourne Australia.

Thursday, 14 January 2016

Australian Innovation - Kambrook power board

Over the Christmas break I added this early version of the Australian invention the Kambrook power board to my Australian industrial design collection.

Australian innovation - Kambrook power board designed in Melbourne.

Stuart Devlin - 50th Anniversary of release of Australian decimal coins

Australia's iconic decimal coins designed by Stuart Devlin will celebrate fifty years in circulation on February 14th this year.

Australian decimal coins designed by Stuart Devlin 50th Anniversary February 14th 2016

Wednesday, 16 December 2015

BODW Hong Kong - Creative Victoria delegation

Design Institute of Australia delegates James Harper FDIA, Ian Wong FDIA and Claire Beale FDIA at BODW in Hong Kong.

BlackBOX - Tianjin testing

Testing for upcoming BlackBOX exhibition in Tianjin China.

Ai Wei Wei - NGV

Ai Wei Wei at NGV

Premiers Design Awards - Food Justice Truck

Bernie Walsh concepts for the award winning Food Justice Truck project. The project was the joint winner of the Premiers Design Award 2015.

Food Justice Truck - Premiers Design Award winner 2015.


RMIT University Mace

Wednesday, 2 December 2015

BODW 2015 - Bluesmart Alejo Verlini

Bluesmart co-founder Alejo Verlini presented at the IoT session of BODW 2015 in Hong Kong.

Bluesmart Co-Founder Alejo Verlini 

BODW - Charles Adler KickStarter

KickStarter co-founder Charles Adler presents at BODW 2015 in Hong Kong

Alberto Alessi - Hosier Lane Melbourne Australia

President and CEO of Alessi SpA Alberto Alessi visits Hosier Lane in Melbourne Australia.
Melbourne designers for Alessi Susan Cohn, Adam Cornish and Jim Hannon-Tan tour Melbourne's famous lanes with Alberto Alessi.