Wednesday, 29 June 2011

World Industrial Design Day - Our best?

On World Industrial Design Day I found myself unexpectedly seated, with my sick daughter, in a doctors surgery waiting room. "What would I post on this day?" was contemplated over and over as my wait grew longer and longer. My answer came as a young mother entered with a perky toddler and a new born child asleep in the removable basinet of the Safe n Sound baby capsule. If not our best, this product must make the list of our most significant contributions, as a profession, to life in Victoria. Designed by Robert Pataki and Phillip Slattery - Robert Pataki Design and PA Technology. Millions of Victorians have gone home, and are "still" going home safely, in this product. Worth celebrating!

Original concept sketch by industrial designer Phillip Slattery for the innovative Victorian designed Safe N Sound baby capsule. Outstanding industrial design worth celebrating. (see other posts on this project)

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