Saturday, 25 June 2011

Bruce Hall - A.G.Healing

RMIT Alumnus industrial designer Bruce Hall designed radios and televisions for A.G.Healing in the 1960's. I first met Bruce when he was my examiner at RMIT with Greame Reade or Elivio Bonollo for second year external projects. Recently Bruce shared with students some of his recollections of his time at Healing. Awarded a Good Design Label for his record player model 201G 'Hit parader"which was also selected by Robin Boyd to represent Australia at the Montreal Expo 67. The injection moulded case for the 'Hit parader" was one of the first uses of ABS plastic in Melbourne.

Award winning A.G Healing record player designed by industrial designer Bruce Hall. 1966

Black and White television concept sketch by industrial designer Bruce Hall.

Healing television brochure.


  1. Yes, I still have this record player and it is in good condition and good working order as well!

    Even plays 16 and 78rpm records...

    A fine Australian portable classic of that era.

    Adelaide, South Australia

  2. Great. More than 50 years....I don't think an iPod bought today will last that long. Thanks for your comment. I will mention it to Bruce when I see him next.

  3. Worked with Bruce at Healihg's in Racecourse Road, Kensington, originally A.G.Healing, then Healing Appliances, and then in 1969 when taken over by E.M.I?, before closing production in 1976 after the 25% tarrif cut in cut in 1975 made cheaper to import complete units than to manufacture in Australia. E.M.I. rebadged some H.M. V. Models for a short time before closing their Homebush plant. I know as I was involved inthe decision.