Saturday, 31 March 2012

Kjell Grant - Montreal Chair

Professor Kjell Grant was a colleague at RMIT industrial design over the past four years and his office was next to mine in building 87 and also in building 88. We would often chat as he sorted through his massive archive of drawings, publications and photographs.

This image from a photo shoot of the Montreal chair at Moorabbin golf course appeared recently. I have seen the archive images of this setting in Montreal at the 67 expo pavilion designed by Robin Boyd. It was a delight to see Kjell with the setting in Australia before it was shipped to Montreal.

Australian designer Kjell Grant pictured with the Montreal Chair and setting for the Australian Expo67 pavilion designed by Robin Boyd.

Professor Kjell Grant shares an archive photograph from 1967 of the iconic Montreal chair outside his office at RMIT University Building 88 - March 2012. 

Thursday, 29 March 2012

RAPID CAD - Sketch to Model

This week was my last class at RMIT industrial design with first year students in the Communications Course and we had fun.

During each of the six one hour sessions in the new Advanced Manufacturing CAD Lab we explored the capacity of CAD systems to realise ideas rapidly. Each group generated sketches on paper for 10 minutes of either a bottle, a coffee cup, or a bike light. I then modelled these concepts live in SOLIDWORKS and saved a jpg screen capture of the model or render created in the session. Images were saved to the class blog as soon as they were completed. Students then began experimenting in photoshop with these source images developing important photoshop skills. Through the day we created the models and images shown below.

The real time realisation in 3D models of design concepts that did not exist before the class sort to emphasise the potential of contemporary practice to realise creative ideas generated by sketching. Teaching in the location of the Advanced Manufacturing Precinct reinforced the notion that these models could then be realised as prototypes.

CAD modelling generated live in solidworks by lecturer Ian Wong from in class concept sketches by first year industrial design students.

Prime Minister Julia Gillard visits RMIT University Advanced Manufaturing Precinct.

Teaching Pods in RMIT University AMP building 55

The examples below demonstrate in class image manipulation of the concept after it was posted to the blog.

Photoshop manipulation of green bottle render above by Elise J.

Photoshop manipulation by Aidan P.

Photoshop manipulation by Nha H.

Sand Flea - Jumping Robot

Sand Flea from BostonDymanics who brought us the Military walking dog BigDog.

Sand Flea Jumping Robot by Boston Dynamics

Monday, 26 March 2012

Zai Jian Mr Wong - RMIT ID alumni drinks

Hi all,

After four years as Communications Coordinator/Alumni Relations at RMIT University I am leaving this week to take up a new role at Monash University as Program Director - Master of Industrial Design. I am a proud alumnus of RMIT industrial design and will always be. We are getting together to have a few drinks at the Three Degrees Bar this Wednesday March 28th. I hope you can come along to make it a fun farewell!

NOTE NEW VENUE!! - Match closed unexpectedly
Three Degrees bar
QV Centre - Central Courtyard
Wednesday March 28th from 5pm

All RMIT industrial design alumni most welcome.

To keep in touch connect with LinkedIn or Facebook.

Saturday, 24 March 2012

Olivetti Lexikon 82 - Mario Bellini

A larger than expected box arrived this week with a well packaged Olivetti Lexikon 82 electric typewriter inside. The Lexikon 82 was designed by Mario Bellini in 1973.

Lexikon 82 electric typewriter designed by Mario Bellini.

Lexikon 82 electric typewriter designed by Mario Bellini.

Lexikon 82 electric typewriter designed by Mario Bellini.

Lexikon 82 electric typewriter designed by Mario Bellini.

Lexikon 82 electric typewriter designed by Mario Bellini.

Lexikon 82 electric typewriter designed by Mario Bellini.

Philips 20 inch TV - Ian Edgar

This 20inch black and white television was designed by Ian Edgar in the mid 1960s.  During this perio Ian worked on a 12inch, and 17 inch which I have posted about previously.

Philips 20 inch black and white television designed by industrial designer Ian Edgar in Sydney in the mid 1960s.

Philips Color TV - 1975

This 1975 era TV on ebay appeared last week just in time for inclusion in the exhibition 'a design life' 17-71. I travelled to the LaTrobe valley last Saturday to collect my 0.99cent purchase of Victorian industrial design history.

1975 era Philips television designed by the team at Philips CID in Clayton.

Friday, 23 March 2012

'a design life' 17-71 Exhibition - Opening

Design Institute of Australia members, friends and family attended the opening tonight of 'a design life' 17-71 an exhibition of the career of DIA industrial design Fellow, Robert Ian Edgar. DIA Hall of Fame automotive designer Phillip Zmood opened the exhibition and shared his reflection on industrial design practice in Victoria and in particular the critical responsibility, both he and Ian shared as design managers, to develop and foster talent in the industry locally. Philips and GMH were critical industrial design studios in Victoria that provided graduates with a career opportunity and Ian and Phillip often shared experiences of design practice and design management.

Opening of 'a design life' 17-71 exhibition at the Design Gallery - Design Institute of Australia.

Curator Ian Wong, Phillip Zmood, and Ian Edgar at 'a design life' 17-71 exhibition opening.

Ross Williams, Paul Taylor, Ian Wong and Peter Carr share fond memories of manually drafted drawings while examining an early Philips radio casing sheet by Ian Edgar.

Industrial designer Paul Taylor and Associate Professor Arthur de Bono from Monash University pictured with presentation featuring renderings by the Philips CID team from the early 1980s.

Industrial designer Mark Armstrong concept sketch featured in the exhibition 'a design life' 17-71

Flyer for 'a design life' 17-71 exhibition curated by Ian Wong. 
Click image to enlarge flyer.

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Wednesday, 21 March 2012

RMIT Industrial Design - GOTYA Winners

RMIT industrial design graduates Dean Benstead and Tate Anson have taken out top honors tonight at the Graduate of the Year Awards in the industrial design category of the Victorian and Tasmanian section of the Design Institute of Australia's GOTYA awards. Tate was awarded the colorways GOTYA award and Dean won both the industrial design GOTYA award and was the overall winner of the GOTYA for Victoria and Tasmania. Congratulations to Dean and Tate.

Dean was employed in February by leading industrial design consultancy Charlwood Design and Tate is a member of Melbourne Movement and will travel to Milan in April to exhibit his 'Stretch' range at Salone Satellite.

GOTYA winners industrial design graduates Dean Benstead and Tate Anson with RMIT University lecturers Ian Wong and Bernie Walsh.

Graduate of the Year for Victoria and Tasmania RMIT industrial design student Dean Benstead is congratulated by James Harper, Victorian President of the Design Institute of Australia.

DIA Victorian President James Harper welcomes all educators, graduates and industry guests to the 2011 GOTYA awards.

Panels by GOTYA nominees in industrial design.

RMIT industrial design graduate Tate Anson is presented with his GOTYA Colourways award by Kim Chadwick from Colourways. 

RMIT industrial design graduate Dean Benstead is presented with his GOTYA award as Victorian and Tasmanian Graduate of the Year - Industrial Design, by RMIT industrial design alumni Simon Marriot CEO 3D Systems and Michael Chijoff director of Jones Chijoff and Chair of the GOTYA industrial design judging panel.

Finalists for the industrial design category were Dean Benstead RMIT University, Jack Martinich Monash University and Max Harper RMIT University. Runner up Jack Martinich is also a member of Melbourne Movement and will exhibit his Mobi electric wheelchair in Milan. Max is currently in China. RMIT was also represented by Dimitri Strongilis, Jessalyn Salim, and Diana Sari Dewi.

DIA Victorian Branch councillor Ian Wong with GOTYA winner Dean Benstead and runner up Jack Martinich

GOTYA fellow nominees from RMIT industrial design Dimitri Stronghilis, Jessalyn Salim, and Diana Sari Dewi.

Professor Kjell Grant from RMIT University with GOTYA winner Tate Anson. Tate has been selected by Kjell to exhibit at Milan and was a student in Kjells's final year furniture studio in 2011.

Sunday, 18 March 2012

Australian Design Awards - Philips CID

The team lead by industrial designer Ian Edgar at Philips Centre for Industrial Design won many Australian Design Awards, a Prince Phillip Prize and were awarded the Industrial Design Gold Award in 1984.

Australian Design Award winning refrigerators from Philips CID Melbourne Australia.

Saturday, 17 March 2012

BMC - Ian Edgar's first job

Ian Edgars first job at the age of 17 was with British Motor Corporation in Sydney. His first job was to draft by hand a technical drawing of a BMC van. Videos featured in this post were shot in 2009 and record Ian revisiting this work after a period of more than fifty years.

At the age of seventeen Ian Edgar began his industrial design career drafting this technical drawing of a BMC van. March 1957

BMC van similar to the model drafted by industrial designer Ian Edgar in his first week as a professional designer.

Award winning Australian industrial designer discusses his first job as a professional industrial designer at the age of seventeen.

Industrial designer John Holt at his desk at BMC in Sydney. circa 1957

Industrial designer Jim Harris at his desk at BMC in Sydney. circa 1957

Sketches by industrial designer Ian Edgar for BMC Austin ute.

Philips CID - The designers

Philips Centre for Industrial Design in Melbourne Australia was an award winning team of industrial designers based in a studio in Clayton. Over two decades from the mid 1960s to the mid 1980s this studio attracted the most talented industrial design graduates across Australia to apply for a position that would offer an exciting international career. The Philips global policy established under Knut Yran provided opportunities to travel and work at the Philips CIDC Eindhoven for these young Australian industrial designers. The experience of working in Eindhoven with legends like Syd Mead and amongst the global talent employed by Philips was career changing for most who had this unique opportunity.

Syd Mead rendering for Knut Yran and Philips CIDC Eindhoven.

Classic Philips house style rendering on grey canson paper by Ian Edgar for the 465 Deluxe colour television. This work was completed by Ian whilst in Eindhoven in 1975.

Those Australian's who are known to have worked at Philips CID Melbourne are listed below.

Industrial Designers - Clayton
Robert Ian EDGAR
Graham DUELL
Andrew MORAN
Daphne FLYNN
Alfons van MAANEN
Stephen HOLMES
Warren HALL

Jan HUYBOOM (Netherlands)
Gerry WEST (US/Australia)

Product Engineering

Graphic Design
Lesley McGEE

Model Makers

Kathy ELY

The trip to Eindhoven recorded in the passport of Ian Edgar like so many of the Philips CID team.

Friday, 16 March 2012

Astor - Radio Corporation

Radio Corporation was a major Australian manufacturer of radios and televisions marketed under the brand Astor.

Iconic Australian Astor football radio.

Astor brand Radio Corporation television factory in the 1950s

Astor television's being assembled in Melbourne. 

Astor refrigerators from the 1960s.