Thursday, 29 March 2012

RAPID CAD - Sketch to Model

This week was my last class at RMIT industrial design with first year students in the Communications Course and we had fun.

During each of the six one hour sessions in the new Advanced Manufacturing CAD Lab we explored the capacity of CAD systems to realise ideas rapidly. Each group generated sketches on paper for 10 minutes of either a bottle, a coffee cup, or a bike light. I then modelled these concepts live in SOLIDWORKS and saved a jpg screen capture of the model or render created in the session. Images were saved to the class blog as soon as they were completed. Students then began experimenting in photoshop with these source images developing important photoshop skills. Through the day we created the models and images shown below.

The real time realisation in 3D models of design concepts that did not exist before the class sort to emphasise the potential of contemporary practice to realise creative ideas generated by sketching. Teaching in the location of the Advanced Manufacturing Precinct reinforced the notion that these models could then be realised as prototypes.

CAD modelling generated live in solidworks by lecturer Ian Wong from in class concept sketches by first year industrial design students.

Prime Minister Julia Gillard visits RMIT University Advanced Manufaturing Precinct.

Teaching Pods in RMIT University AMP building 55

The examples below demonstrate in class image manipulation of the concept after it was posted to the blog.

Photoshop manipulation of green bottle render above by Elise J.

Photoshop manipulation by Aidan P.

Photoshop manipulation by Nha H.

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