Friday, 23 March 2012

'a design life' 17-71 Exhibition - Opening

Design Institute of Australia members, friends and family attended the opening tonight of 'a design life' 17-71 an exhibition of the career of DIA industrial design Fellow, Robert Ian Edgar. DIA Hall of Fame automotive designer Phillip Zmood opened the exhibition and shared his reflection on industrial design practice in Victoria and in particular the critical responsibility, both he and Ian shared as design managers, to develop and foster talent in the industry locally. Philips and GMH were critical industrial design studios in Victoria that provided graduates with a career opportunity and Ian and Phillip often shared experiences of design practice and design management.

Opening of 'a design life' 17-71 exhibition at the Design Gallery - Design Institute of Australia.

Curator Ian Wong, Phillip Zmood, and Ian Edgar at 'a design life' 17-71 exhibition opening.

Ross Williams, Paul Taylor, Ian Wong and Peter Carr share fond memories of manually drafted drawings while examining an early Philips radio casing sheet by Ian Edgar.

Industrial designer Paul Taylor and Associate Professor Arthur de Bono from Monash University pictured with presentation featuring renderings by the Philips CID team from the early 1980s.

Industrial designer Mark Armstrong concept sketch featured in the exhibition 'a design life' 17-71

Flyer for 'a design life' 17-71 exhibition curated by Ian Wong. 
Click image to enlarge flyer.

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