Sunday, 4 March 2012

A design life 17-71 - Ian Edgar retrospective

Ian Edgar's first job started on Monday March 3rd 1958 following his 17th birthday on the previous Friday February 28th. This week Ian celebrated his 71st birthday and continues to practice as an industrial designer.

Ian's career as an industrial designer is celebrated in an exhibition 'A design life 17-71' now open at the Design Gallery of the Design Institute of Australia.

The exhibition is a work in progress evolving over two weeks in the space and will have a formal opening event on Thursday March 22nd.

Industrial designer Ian Edgar on the drawing board at Philips in Melbourne.

Ian Edgar with staff at Philips Centre for industrial design; Don Robinson, Ian Edgar, Graham Duell, Mark Armstrong, John Hadley, and Ross Whitehead.

Ian Edgar with Federal Science and Technology Minister Barry Jones.

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