Saturday, 31 March 2012

Kjell Grant - Montreal Chair

Professor Kjell Grant was a colleague at RMIT industrial design over the past four years and his office was next to mine in building 87 and also in building 88. We would often chat as he sorted through his massive archive of drawings, publications and photographs.

This image from a photo shoot of the Montreal chair at Moorabbin golf course appeared recently. I have seen the archive images of this setting in Montreal at the 67 expo pavilion designed by Robin Boyd. It was a delight to see Kjell with the setting in Australia before it was shipped to Montreal.

Australian designer Kjell Grant pictured with the Montreal Chair and setting for the Australian Expo67 pavilion designed by Robin Boyd.

Professor Kjell Grant shares an archive photograph from 1967 of the iconic Montreal chair outside his office at RMIT University Building 88 - March 2012. 

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