Sunday, 5 June 2011

Axis Kettle: Eco Icon

The axis kettle designed by industrial designers Paul Taylor and Gerry Mussett was a pioneering project in eco product design in Victoria. The central cordless electrical connection developed for this project is now standard on most kettles worldwide. Chris Ryan, John Gertsakis and the team at the Centre for Design at RMIT established a number of very successful projects with industry in the early nineties.

Axis kettle concept sketches by industrial designer Paul Taylor. 1993

Block model of the Axis kettle by RMIT Alumnus David McCausland. 

Victorian manufacturer Kambrook's Axis kettle.

Australian innovation - the central cordless connection for electric kettles designed by industrial designers Gerry Mussett and Paul Taylor

Design registration for Axis kettle innovative base design adopted worldwide. This design along with work on early powerboards for Kambrook highlights the global impact of Gerry Mussett's creativity. 

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