Thursday, 9 June 2011

VEIL - Studios

The opportunity to participate in VEIL - Victorian Eco Innovation Lab studios has been a very rewarding part of my role at RMIT University. The recent HUME 2032 was almost back to the future with Chris Ryan's leadership and once again the opportunity to work with Ezio Manzini. (see domus academy post)

Ezio Manzini joined Hume 2032 sessions.

Images by David Luke Veentjer from the VEIL 2010 Annual Report.

The Visual Futures studio as part of VEIL HUME 2032 lead by Ian Wong and Bernie Walsh. The studio was inspired by legendary visual futurist Syd Mead and featured a studio visit and lecture by Syd. (see previous post)

Visual Futures studio work by RMIT student Paul Raikkenen.

Lady Bug vehicle concept by RMIT student Charles Ng

The VEIL Zero Car studio lead by Ian Wong and David Flynn explored future transport for the EBD project where a ban on personal car ownership was explored.

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