Saturday, 27 October 2012

GAD - Gallery of Australian Design

The AGM and council meetings for the Design Institute of Australia were held in the Gallery of Australian Design in Canberra.

 Gallery of Australian Design Canberra Australia

Ian Wong and Design Institute of Australia President James Harper.

Friday, 26 October 2012

Peter Florentzos - Brand Strategy

The National AGM of the Design Institute of Australia has provided an opportunity to meet DIA professionals who share the passion for the design in Australia.

Peter Florentzos is currently DIA Queensland Branch Co-President, and a former AGDA councillor and foundation member. In his 20 year career he has been involved with some of Australia's most recognisable brands including Mirvac, Translink, and Bank of Queensland. Having worked in the architectural industry with Peddle Thorp and Noel Robinson Architects, advertising with BCM, and property development as well as volunteering on AGDA and DIA councils for over ten years, Peter has forged a creative process that continues to provide a competitive strategic edge for his clients.

Designer Peter Florentzos

Elivio Bonollo - Industrial Design education

Elivio Bonollo was leading the RMIT industrial design program as Senior Lecturer and course coordinator when I attended the 1980 Open Day display in building 2 as a wide eyed country kid. This was the best program for industrial design in the country and after seeing the professional exhibition, the engaged students and staff that day it was where I wanted to be. Images of camera renderings on canson paper, concepts sketches in fineliner and markers for street furniture and the huge crowd are vivid memories of that Sunday in August.

Elivio established the Degree program at RMIT University which included many features like industry engagement that are only now being adopted in university programs nationally. He went on to establish the new program at Monash University and now is an Emeritus  Professor at Canberra University supervising leading PhD candidates.

Australian industrial design academic Elivio Bonollo.

Thursday, 25 October 2012

Stuart Devlin - Archive drawings

It has taken me almost three years to get to Canberra to view the archive sketches of our iconic decimal coins designed by RMIT University alumnus Stuart Devlin. I interviewed Stuart in London and have wanted to views his sketches and study his process ever since.

Researcher Ian Wong examines Stuart Devlin original drawings for Australia's iconic decimal coins.

Stuart Devlin plasters for Australian decimal coins.

Ian Hutchison and Kerri Daniel at the Australian Mint Museum.

Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Sunday, 21 October 2012

Willow - 50L Quickserve cooler.

Industrial designer David Flynn's latest product arrives in time for the beach cricket season and celebrates our love for the outdoors. The esky is an Australian icon and the new 50L Quickserve cooler continues the long history of great Willow coolers for the hot Australian summer.

Willow 50 Litre Quickserve cooler designed by David Flynn.

Australian innovation the esky is an essential part of summer and beach cricket.

Willow 50 Litre Quickserve cooler designed by David Flynn.

Tuesday, 9 October 2012

DIA - Inside nights by ED

The emerging designers group ED of the The Design Institute of Australia VIC/TAS invite all students and recent graduates to attend the 2012 INSIDE NIGHTS.

The inside nights intend to provide students and recent graduates with a range of opportunites to meet designers in their studios.

Each night of the series will feature different disciplines in design. The program for each night will include a short presentation and tour of the studio followed by a 30 minute question time.

Session places are limited so book now. Entry is free for DIA members and $10.00 for non members. Bookings essential.

Monday 22nd October - 6pm

Austin Design Associates - Interior Design

Charlwood Design - Industrial Design

FMSA-Architecture and Interior Design

Tuesday 23rd October - 6pm

Mance - Lighting Design

Nexus Designs - Interior Design

R-Co - Graphic Design

Cardomone Design - Interior Decoration

Wednesday 24th October - 6pm

Diadem - Industrial and Graphic Design

Geyer - Interior Design

Hassell- Interior Design

Pop Craft - Textile Design

XYZ Studios - Multimedia and Animation

Thursday 25th October - 6pm

Buro North - Multidiciplinary

Chijoff + Co - Industrial Design

Royston Wilson Design - Interior Decoration

Monday, 8 October 2012

Details - Button bank

This week students were asked to study the details of buttons and dials on products they noticed throughout the week and compile a button image bank. Images could not be from online sources to encourage a detailed study of the forms, geometry, textures, finishes and materials encountered on each product. Below is a selection from the button bank.

Buttons, dials and controls.

Friday, 5 October 2012

Monash University - Wacom Authorised Training Centre

Industrial Design at Monash University Wacom Lab has been designated as a Wacom Authorised Training Centre (WATC). The Wacom lab features the latest Wacom Cintiq 24HD tablets and supports in particular the industrial design, product design and automotive design studios.

Monash University industrial design is recognised as a leader in automotive design and the Wacom Lab combined with the automotive clay studio provide students interested in an automotive career with world class facilities.

Linda Zugai General Manager - Sales and Simon Marshall  - Marketing for Wacom Australia presented the WATC certificate today to Industrial Design Program Director Selby Coxon.

Monash University Industrial Design Wacom Authorised Training Centre.
L-R: Simon Marshall, Selby Coxon and Linda Zugai.

Andy Martin - Thonet bike

London based Australian designer Andy Martin has designed a concept bicycle for Thonet. I met Andy at this years Milan Design week whilst at Salone Satellite with Melbourne Movement.

Thonet bike by Andy Martin

Thonet bicycle by Andy Martin

Thonet bike by Andy Martin

Thonet bike by Andy Martin

Thonet bike by Andy Martin

ISM Objects - Cinnamon Lee

ISM Objects Black Box currently features the work of Cinnamon Lee and tonight a late opening at the showroom allowed for a closer inspection, some sushi, and a glass of wine.

The Chameleon Series is a range of interactive pendant lamps with solid-state electronics and multichip LEDs which change colour when proximity sensors in the wires are activated.

Chameleon series lamps designed by Cinnamon Lee

Chameleon series lamps change color for ISM Objects director Celina Clarke and Ian Wong

ISM Objects showroom in St Kilda.

ISM Objects - St Kilda

Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Beijing Design Week 2012

Beijing Design Week runs from September 28th to October 6th. Unfortunately you cannot be in two places at once so despite being excited whilst in Milan to meet designers from Beijing, and looking forward to it, I am viewing events online from Melbourne. Hopefully next year I can get there from Suzhou with my students from the Southeast University Monash University Joint Graduate School. We may even have a stand or exhibition of work from the first year of the Master of Industrial Design.

 Beijing Design Week 2012

Beijing Design Week

Curator Zhu Xiaojie of Beijing Design Week Slow Seating exhibition in Milan.

Beijing Design Week event in Milan.


2012 Beijing Design Fair: Meet Design Show相约设计表演©Beijing Design Week,2012

Beijing Design Week.

2012 Opening & Awards Ceremony·Presenting the Award 开幕活动·颁奖典礼©Beijing Design Week,2012

Beijing Design Week Award Opening Ceremony.

2012 Opening & Awards Ceremony·Launching Ceremony 开幕活动·仪式©Beijing Design Week,2012

Beijing Design Week 2012.

Monday, 1 October 2012

Bernie Walsh - Workshops and tutorials

Bernie Walsh workshops are highly recommended and suitable for beginners, design students, or practicing designers. Folio preparation for interviews in Communication Design, Industrial Design, Interior Design or Architecture can be significantly enhanced given Bernie's experience in lecturing at RMIT University and Swinburne University's industrial design programs.

Check out Bernie's blog if you have not already and consider enrolling in one of his upcoming workshops.

Sketching tutorials and workshops by Bernie Walsh

Tony Wolfenden - Decor stacking cups

Brian Davis commissioned Tony Wolfenden to design products after working initially with Tony on architectural and interior design projects. These stacking cups are one of the first products Tony designed for Decor.

Decor stacking cups designed by Tony Wolfenden.