Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Beijing Design Week 2012

Beijing Design Week runs from September 28th to October 6th. Unfortunately you cannot be in two places at once so despite being excited whilst in Milan to meet designers from Beijing, and looking forward to it, I am viewing events online from Melbourne. Hopefully next year I can get there from Suzhou with my students from the Southeast University Monash University Joint Graduate School. We may even have a stand or exhibition of work from the first year of the Master of Industrial Design.

 Beijing Design Week 2012

Beijing Design Week

Curator Zhu Xiaojie of Beijing Design Week Slow Seating exhibition in Milan.

Beijing Design Week event in Milan.


2012 Beijing Design Fair: Meet Design Show相约设计表演©Beijing Design Week,2012

Beijing Design Week.

2012 Opening & Awards Ceremony·Presenting the Award 开幕活动·颁奖典礼©Beijing Design Week,2012

Beijing Design Week Award Opening Ceremony.

2012 Opening & Awards Ceremony·Launching Ceremony 开幕活动·仪式©Beijing Design Week,2012

Beijing Design Week 2012.


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