Sunday, 30 October 2011

O-I Glass - RMIT University competition winners

Judging for the O-I Cider bottle design competition for RMIT Industrial Design first year students took place at O-I on Friday October 28th. Prizes were awarded to Ella Sayers, Dustin Bailey, and Tommy Hew for the industry category and Justin Strong for the creative category. The judging panel commended the quality of submissions and overall standard of concepts and competition entry posters. Congratulations to all students who participated in this Work Integrated Learning (WIL) project. The innovative use of wikis and blogs and the world class Wacom Lab facility was also highly praised by senior company executives. Stage 1 was a group intensive project over just seven and a half hours 9am-4.30pm, and stage two an individual competition entry after two weeks.

O-I Senior product designer Julian Ditchburn discusses the outstanding submissions from RMIT industrial design students in the O-I cider bottle design competition.

RMIT industrial design first year student competition entries on display in O-I boardroom. 

The wiki used by students in groups to collaborate is displayed at the O-I boardroom during judging of the cider bottle competition.

Judging panel examine submissions and vote for one creative and one industry ready design.

Industrial design lecturer Ian Wong explains the innovative use of wikis and blogs critical to the outcomes by first year students at RMIT.

Winning competition entries: Dustin Bailey, Tommy Hew, Justin Strong, and Ella Sayers.

O-I Senior product designer Julian Ditchburn and RMIT Industrial Design Communications Coordinator Ian Wong brief students on cider bottle design competition.

Cider bottle concept sketches by first year industrial design student Kim Soo Hyun.

RMIT industrial design students Kate and Dustin working collaboratively in RMIT Wacom Lab on O-I cider bottle competition project.

Industrial design first year student Sarah concept sketching using Alias Sketchbook Pro on the Wacom 21UX tablets in the RMIT Wacom Lab. Sarah's completed wacom sketch showing matt and gloss surface texture is shown in presentation below (click to enlarge). All work in the presentation by Sarah's group shown below was completed just six hours after briefing working online. This final presentation was compiled over the wiki in the last 15 minutes with contributions from all group members.

O-I Senior product designer Julian Ditchburn provides detailed industry feedback to students in the RMIT Wacom lab. All student work submitted on wikis during the one day intensive project was available to be viewed remotely at O-I headquarters .

Saturday, 29 October 2011

RMIT Industrial Design - Graduate Exhibition

RMIT Industrial Design – Graduate Exhibition 2011

Wednesday 9th November
Opening night
6:00pm – 9:00pm
Level 5, Building 88, 440 Elizabeth Street, Melbourne
9th - 11th November
Thurs and Fri, 8:00am - 5:00pm

Friday, 28 October 2011

RMIT Industrial Design - Exhibition

RMIT Industrial Design held an exhibition of works from year 1-3 last night. The work of first year students in the communications course just gets better and better with industry guests praising the display of concept sketching, wacom rendering, and solidworks CAD modelling. Innovative approaches with wikis and blogs have proved to be successful with the O-I Work Integrated Learning (WIL) project an outstanding success. Staff Bernie Walsh, Leigh Parker, Troy Nyssen, Jim Samartgis, Phillip Slattery, Ross Williams, and Ryan Fonceca are committed to developing the highest standard of industry required capabilities in the students.

RMIT Industrial Design First Year communications course display.

Industrial design concept sketching on display at RMIT University.

RMIT Industrial Design First Year communications course display.

RMIT Industrial Design First Year communications course display.

RMIT Industrial Design First Year communications course display.

Industrial design concept sketching on display at RMIT University.

Thursday, 27 October 2011

Sun setting on ORANGE

The evening burst of ORANGE before sunset signals the end of another day. ORANGE - Living in the 70s has had it's time in the sun and will close soon. Design Gallery Oct 6th-28th. Don't miss this unique opportunity to view the iconic Featherston Stem chair and archive drawing.

ORANGE - Living in the 70s curator Ian Wong with the iconic Featherston Stem chair and archive drawing.

Monday, 24 October 2011

Qantas - 70s service

Classic orange with brown tones in the Qantas uniforms in the 70s. The uniforms of Qantas, Ansett and also those from Expo67 are featured in the ORANGE exhibition at Design Gallery.

Orange 1970s Qantas uniforms.

Exit strategy - Ross Williams

Whilst visiting the Design Gallery recently to view ORANGE Ross Williams was delighted, like most industrial designers, to see one of his product designs in use. The exit light project is often used as an example with his RMIT students and demonstrates how a design needs to be strategic as well as creative.

Sunday, 23 October 2011

On the face of it - Wacom skills

Digital concept sketching skills using Alias Sketchbook Pro will feature in the upcoming RMIT exhibition Thursday 26th October. This end of semester informal exhibition profiles work completed from year 1-3. 'On the face of it' is a communications course assignment exploring a creative concepts for a product worn on the head.

Concept sketch by RMIT student Justin Strong using wacom 21UX tablet and Alias Sketchbook Pro.

 Concept sketches and presentation by RMIT student Justin Strong using wacom 21UX tablet and Alias Sketchbook Pro.

The designers - ORANGE Exhibition

Orange celebrates the careers of local designers; Richard Carlson, Phillip Zmood, Lionel Suttie, Tony Wolfenden, Peter Bayly, Barry Hudson, Geoff Fitzpatrick, Mary Featherston, Grant Featherston, Charles Furey, Gary Emery, Paul Taylor, Kjell Grant, Robert Pataki, Richard Henderson, Adam Cornish, Brian Davis, and Gerry Mussett. In additiopn to these individuals many projects represent the work of design studios and design teams including the studios of GM Holden and Ford Australia.

Kjell Grant - ORANGE

Kjell Grant was a very special guest at the recent floor talk for the ORANGE exhibition at the Design Gallery. The Aloha chair designed in 1971 has drawn a lot of interest from visitors. The chair is returning to commercial production having been designed originally for a single hotel fit out. Kjell also has the Montreal chair in the digital presentation for ORANGE in the section related to EXPO 67 alongside the  orange covered Talking Chairs by Grant Featherston and the distinctive orange hostess uniforms.

Kjell Grant with curator Ian Wong at ORANGE exhibition.
Design Institute of Australia - Design Gallery Oct 6th-28th.

Kjell Grant Montreal Chair 1967

Aloha chair designed by Kjell Grant 1971


The iconic FORD GTHO featured in tonights episode of Wide Open Road on ABC TV.

Ford Falcon 351 GTHO 1970-72

ORANGE @ Motorclassica

The Bob Jane Camaro and the Holden Hurricane concept car were 'ORANGE' highlights at Motorclassica. The Camaro links to the Holden Design studio work on the recent top selling Camaro.


Syd Mead - Mercedes gullwing

Syd Mead, when he visited RMIT in 2010, mentioned how much he loved his 1956 Mercedes Benz 300SL Gullwing Coupe. 

Mercedes Benz Gullwing at Motorclassica

Legendary visual futurist Syd Mead at RMIT in 2010

Phillip Zmood - Motorclassica

While taking many photos at Motorclassica I could not help caturing product images similar to Phillip Zmood archive images held by RMIT Design Archives and previously exhibited at Zmood - Designing Holdens exhibition at Melbourne Museum.

Holden HT Monaro at Motoclassica

Phillip Zmood concept sketch rear Holden HT Monaro.

Brock Holden Torana XU-1 at Motorclassica

Phillip Zmood concept sketch for Holden Torana XU-1. 
Phillip was Head of the Torana Design Studio at GM Holden.

Zmood - Designing Holdens exhibition at Melbourne Museum 2010.

Holden Hurricane - Motorclassica

Holden Hurricane concept car on show at Motorclassica Oct 23

Holden Hurricane concept car on show at Motorclassica Oct 23

Holden Hurricane concept car on show at Motorclassica Oct 23

ORANGE grows - Monkey grip pots

The color orange is named after the ripe fruit that has been in abundance this year with the citrus orchards in Mildura and the Murray Valley productive after recent rains. ORANGE the exhibition has also grown this week with the inclusion of the first off tool samples of Adam Cornish's fabulous Monkey Grip Pots. During installation we discussed the link between this contemporary work and the development of the Stem chair by Grant and Mary Featherston. Almost forty years between them but like Grant Featherston, Adam is exploring the manufacturing process and exploiting the inherent capacity of the process to deliver innovative product design. It is fitting that the first prototypes were available in orange and that they are home to rich green maiden hair ferns.

Industrial designer Adam Cornish installs Monkey Grip Pots at "ORANGE".

ORANGE exhibition curated by Ian Wong - Design Gallery Oct 6th-28th.
The Aristoc STEM chair designed by Grant and Mary Featherston in the foreground and Adam Cornish's Monkey Grip Pots hanging in the background are innovative rotationally moulded products. 

Saturday, 22 October 2011

Michael Chijoff - DIA Victorian Branch councillor

RMIT industrial design alumnus Michael Chijoff of JONESCHIJOFF has been elected as a Design Institute of Australia Victorian Branch Councillor.

RMIT alumnus Michael Chijoff pictured at 2011Melbourne Design Awards. JONESCHIJOFF won in the events category for the Paper Plane Academy
IMAGE-Melbourne Design Awards

Clean Design - Local is best.

Charlwood Design, Design + Industry, Willow, Oates, and Decor products filled my basket at Bunnings recently. Buy Australian design!

Designed in Melbourne - Oates Catch All, Willow Classic bucket, Decor Delicate Duster, and Decor Bright Brush.

Decor Delicate Duster

Decor Bright Brush by Design Institute of Australia Hall of Fame designer Tony Wolfenden.

Award winning "Catch All" designed by RMIT industrial design alumni Paul Charlwood and Luca Abate - Charlwood Design.

Friday, 21 October 2011

Police profile - Identity

Leaving the Design Gallery today I was struck by police presence as patrol cars lined Swanston street as command dealt with 'Occupy Melbourne'. I am not sure if this was the visual presence intended in the brief to R-Co. "The challenge was to create a visual identity for Victoria Police that increased the force's visibility within the community".

DIA Hall of Fame designer Richard Henderson designed the highly successful identity and the distinctive blue and white check has been widely adopted across Australia.

Victoria police identity designed by R-Co