Saturday, 20 August 2011

So good he bottled it - Julian Ditchburn

Cascade is just one of the local beers that is enjoyed the world over. Industrial designer Julian Ditchburn is not a brewer but his mark is on every bottle. The distinctive bottle shape, color, and signature Tasmanian tiger stripes at the base of the neck tell you it's a cascade as you reach unsighted for a cold one in an ice filled bath. A graduate from RMIT University industrial design Julian, now Senior Product Designer for O-I Australia, has designed glass packaging for many other household Australian products. I taught Julian in second year and we caught up recently to discuss industry collaborations with current RMIT students. The Cascade 375ml bottle featured in the exhibition STILL09....Cheers!

Cascade 375ml bottle designed by industrial designer Julian Ditchburn.

Industrial designer Julian Ditchburn pictured with the Cascade bottle he designed in 2004. 

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