Friday, 19 August 2011

Mr's Mr Wong

To my surprise and delight I received an email today titled...Dropped in for a visit....

The spooky thing is that it was from industrial designer Andrew Wong who I had only minutes before mentioned in my last post. Andrew was one of my students at Swinburne University who lives in Germany and works for Frog Design. We managed to meet up for a beer, a meal and terrific catchup.

Frog Design is iconic as an industrial design consultancy and for many Australian industrial designers it was the full page advertisements on back covers of magazines like UK Design and our own Design World that enchanted us all. The identity, the photography and art direction, the projects and the clients constantly amazed.

The copy of Issue 11 1986 of Design World has the classic Apple IIc and perhaps is burned into my memory more than most. This issue included the Baker Perkins Mini Rotel Oven that I designed with John Westwood in the Australian Industrial Design Survey for that year. 1986 was my first year out of University and the Mini Rotel was one of my first products in production. This copy of Design World is also an issue with many classic designs from consultancies like Designlab, PA and Nielsen Design that featured in the exhibition STILL09.

 Frog Design full page back cover advertisement on Design World magazine featuring the Apple IIc

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