Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Inkling - Wacom releases it's inkling of the future of sketching.

As industrial designers we all think we have an inkling of what the future may hold.... welcome to the future. The wacom Inkling is now released and will be available in October. Industrial design sketchbooks are critical for developing skills and this product is an exciting addition for students and studios who use the Wacom 21UX and Sketchbook Pro. The Inkling captures the freehand and remote location concepts for designers who are setup in the studio with digital tools. The portability and capacity to transfer direct to your laptop or device will suit many industrial designers.

Wacom inkling for freehand concept sketching.

Concept sketches like these bus shelter sketches by RMIT industrial design student Soo Hyun KIM can now be created using the Wacom inkling and be transferred direct to a digital environment, like the RMIT Wacom Lab with 21UX Wacom tablets.

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