Thursday, 4 August 2011

Concept Sketching - Visit by Co Huang Vu

RMIT industrial design students have been fortunate to have alumnus industrial designer Co Huang Vu visit over the past two weeks and sketch in class demonstrating his concept sketching skills. Vu was an outstanding student and he was in the first group of students I taught at RMIT in 1989. His sketches for a highlighter pen are still vivid in my memory and I recall displaying them in the glass cases in the corridor of Building 2 Level 2 for RMIT Open Day that year. Current students are working on tableware concepts and these sketches were done last week in class providing students personal experience of industry concept sketching practice for industrial design. Vu graduated with honours in the first year it was offered at RMIT. (see previous post)

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Industrial design concept sketch by Co Huang Vu.

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Concept sketches for tableware objects by industrial designer Co Huang Vu.

Innovative Australian design for the Victa lawn mower catcher, one of many design projects by Co Huang Vu and the team at Invetech. Designed 1999 and still in production.

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