Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Peter Carr - RMIT visit

Peter Carr returned to RMIT industrial design today and enjoyed sitting in on a CAD class with first year students. Drawing tables like those manufactured by Carr industries are long gone but the principles of good layout, draft angle, and appreciation of 3rd angle projection are still important to this new generation of industrial designers. Peter first taught at RMIT industrial design in 1971 under Gerard Herbst and later with Elivio Bonollo and Des Harris.

Peter Carr outside RMIT University Building 2 in Bowen Street.

Injection moulded icecube trays, modelled in class using Solidworks during Peter's visit, by first year industrial design students Dustin Bailey and Sean Cai.

Peter Carr outside his old office at RMIT industrial design 2B1A.

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