Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Hackney Riots - On Einstein's doorstep

The current riots in Hackey are literally on the doorstep of good friend and designer Tony Pletts from Einstein's Octopus. In September I stayed in Hackney with Tony and walked each day up Mare Street. I met Tony in 1986 when he visited John Westwood Design Associates as a travelling backpacker. Tony worked for a time in Spotswood, with Mother's Art productions, one of Melbourne's premier production companies for the advertising and film industry. Described as a polymath Tony has many careers; designer, writer, publisher and father.

Scenes on the street - Tom Matano designed Mazda MX5 a target in Hackney riots.

Website for Einstein's Octopus.

UK Channel 4 documentary on Tony Pletts - Polymath.

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  1. Congratulations Ian, even in the midst of riots and fires, you still manage to give credit to the designer of the iconic MX-5!