Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Tom Matano - Public Lecture 2008

A collaboration with David Flynn in 2008 provided the opportunity to invite Tom Matano back to Australia. Tom had worked at GMH at Fisherman's Bend with Phillip Zmood, Bernie Walsh, and others under Leo Pruneau as design director in the late seventies, early eighties. Tom also lectured at Prahran where David had taken a night class and they have been friends ever since. I can still recall seeing a Tom Matano full size tape drawing in 2B2 at RMIT Industrial Design about 1984. In 1989 in my first year of teaching I had the pleasure of having Tom speak to students at RMIT and to this day it is one of the most significant design lectures I can recall regarding line and form. So when he visited in 2008 students were treated to another outstanding whiteboard lecture on line and design intent. The public lecture held at the Fox Museum amongst classic cars was a sellout. Tom Matano is "Always Inspired" and a true legend.

Tom Matano lecture "Always Inspired" with capacity crowd.

Tom Matano sketch Mazda MX5

Tom Matano sketches on whiteboard for RMIT University students. Amazing lecture.

Poster for "Always Inspired" public lecture by Tom Matano designer of Mazda MX5 and Mazda RX7.

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