Friday, 20 May 2011

Kjell Grant - Raymond Lowey office

A recent chat with Kjell Grant about his early career took us on a journey back to 1955, but with modern tools, not to the time, but the place. In just a few minutes using, google, google maps and street view Kjell provided the confirmation, "Yes, that's it. My desk at Raymond Lowey on the top of the "Look" Building, 488 Madison Avenue, New York City".  I had seen a photo of the office and Kjell had identified himself in the shot. Note exterior and window details and rails.

Industrial designer Kjell Grant pictured at his desk in the studio of Raymond Lowey Associates. 1955

Plan of 21st floor offices occupied by Raymond Lowey Associates, Look Building, 488 Madison Avenue NYC. Designer Kjell Grant's desk marked.

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