Saturday, 28 May 2011

Bill Hunter - Australian in a hollywood world.

This week legendary Australian film actor Bill Hunter passed away. His presence on screen in so many Australian films helps record who we are in a world so dominated by other voices.

My research and interest in the careers of Victorian designers is in part driven by my passion to share the contribution to our culture by these individuals. Holden cars,  a willow esky, a brownbuilt filing cabinet, and decor school lunch boxes, are as much a part of who we are as "Priscilla Queen of the Desert". Which for me makes Phillip Zmood, David Flynn, Ron Rosenfeldt, and Richard Carlson as important as Bill, or Hugo Weaving.

I loved the story of Bill on the set as a "swimming" extra because of his early skills in the pool. He thought it didn't look that hard... "I could do that", and he did...bloody well. We have a few designers who also knew they could do it.... and did it bloody well.

Bill's passing also has a link to EJO as Smart Street Films is a client. Our work has involved designing the company identity as well as DVD covers for early Bill Hunter films "Backroads" and "27A" and also the Reg Mombassa film "Golden Sandles".

Australian actor Bill Hunter in 27A.

Backroads starring Gary Foley and Bill Hunter.

DVD cover art for Golden Sandals - The Art of Reg Mombassa by EJO

Smart Street Films branding logotype designed by EJO

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