Saturday, 14 May 2011

Ron Rosenfeldt - Vulcan Conray

Rosenfeldt and Gherardin was one of the first established design consultancies in Melbourne. Ron Rosenfeldt recently inducted into the Hall of Fame by the Design Institute of Australia worked on products for Vulcan including this classic Vulcan Conray heater.

Vulcan Conray designed by Ron Rosenfeldt.


  1. Hello Ian,
    Many thanks for your article on the product by Ron Rosenfeldt.
    We admire the work of Rosenfeldt and Gherardin and always keep stock of the impressive Vulcan Conroy. You can see it here:
    We have also included a link to your article.

  2. Hello Ian,thanx for the precise description-i found a Vulcan in pristine condition in the middle of Jerusalem!! Thought it was Australian from the voltage and the plug..seems like it's Rosenfeld,without the T.. where can i find more about their designs? Thanx again!