Monday, 29 July 2013

Robert Curedale - Design Methods

I was able to catch up with industrial designer Rob Curedale whilst at Art Center in Pasadena.

Industrial designer Rob Curedale with Ian Wong at Art Center Pasadena California USA.

I first met Rob in New York at the IDSA Conference 2003 and I follow his hugely successful Industrial Design community on LinkedIn.

Rob is originally from Sydney and studied at University of Canberra and then a Masters at UTS.

Currently Rob is an Adjunct Professor at Art Center and publishes books on design methods.

Design Titles by Robert Curedale.

Design Thinking: process and methods manual by Robert A. Curedale

50 Brainstorming Methods: For team and individual ideation by Robert A. Curedale

Design Methods 1: 200 ways to apply design thinking (Volume 1) by Robert Curedale

Design Methods 2: 200 more ways to apply Design Thinking (Volume 2) by Robert Curedale

Mapping Methods: for design and strategy by Robert A. Curedale

50 Selected Design Methods: To transform your design by Robert A. Curedale

Interviews Observation and Focus Groups: 110 methods for user-centered design by Robert A. Curedale

Design Research Methods. by Robert a. Curedale

Design Thinking Pocket Guide by Robert A. Curedale

Sunday, 28 July 2013

Art Center - Car Styling Magazine

I was introduced to Art Center College of Design through the regular issues of Car Styling magazine in the library at RMIT.

Car Styling Magazine Issue 70

Bernie Walsh was my lecturer and he would often have the latest copy in class. This week Bernie and I enjoyed some time spent in the periodicals collection of the Library at Art Center College of Design in Pasadena.

Ian Wong at Art Center College of Design Library

Issue 70 from 1989 had Tom Matano's MX5 project for Mazda, an Art Center project, and 1989 was also the first year of my career in education.

The first Frog design project for Apple to make the back cover of Car Styling was a printer. The Camira J Car project was featured and Bernie had worked in the Holden studio at that time.

Thursday, 25 July 2013

Daniel Simon - Concept Designer

Concept designer Daniel Simon was a surprise guest at the PAMD project presentations at the PACE Annual Forum.

Clay Dean with PACE PAMD project judges with Daniel Simon (2nd from right)

Daniel Simon is a concept designer, author, photographer and producer.
He began his career as a designer for Volkswagen and Bugatti, and in 2008 started working in Hollywood as a vehicle concept designer.

Simon has designed vehicles for Tron Legacy, Captain America, Prometheus and Oblivion. Daniel Simon's book 'Cosmic Motors', published in late 2007, paved his way into the movie industry and set new standards in 3D design and visualization.

Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Corvette Stringray - Exterior Design Development

The most anticipated keynote presentation at PACE 2013 was the '2014 Corvette Stingray Exterior Design Development' by Kirk Bennion and it did not disappoint.

2014 Corvette Stingray design concepts.

Clay Dean - GM Advanced Design

Clay Dean the GM director for Global Design/North America Advanced presented a keynote address 'The changing world of mobility" at the PACE Partners Annual Forum 2013 at Art Centre Pasadena.

Clay Dean - GM Design

Clay Dean - Keynote address at PACE 2013

Monday, 22 July 2013

Syd Mead - Art Center Pasadena

Tonight Bernie Walsh and I joined legendary visual futurist Syd Mead and Roger Servick for a meal whilst in the US.

L-R: Ian Wong, Bernie Walsh, Syd Mead, and Roger Servick.

Syd Mead attended Art Center Pasadena. Art Center is the host for the GM PACE Conference this week where Bernie and I will present a paper. It was an honour in 2010 to present the sellout public lecture 'Syd Mead - Visual Futurist' in Melbourne and wonderful to see both Syd and Roger again.

Syd Mead's Chrysler - Ian Wong, Bernie Walsh and Syd Mead.

We were picked up at our Hotel and treated to a ride in Syd's classic 1972 Chrysler Imperial LeBaron. A wonderful night!

Syd's original artwork is currently on exhibition across the USA - Syd Mead: Progressions.

Friday, 19 July 2013

Tom Matano - Academy of Art University San Francisco

It was a pleasure catching up with Tom Matano in his home town of San Francisco. Tom has always been in Melbourne when we have met up over the years and it was very nice to have lunch and tour the campus of the Academy of Art University San Francisco.

Tom Matano and Ian Wong at Academy of Art University San Francisco.

The last time we saw each other was when Tom presented the sellout lecture in Melbourne 'Always Inspired' in 2008.

It was great to have the opportunity to meet Tom's industrial design students and discuss their projects.

Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Fabian Furrer - Dalian Design Festival

Fabian Furrer presented a keynote “Experience Design” in the Chinese Design Forum at the 2013 Dalian Design Festival at the Dalian World Expo Square on June 28. Fabian is president of Dongdao International department and shared Dongdao’s successful projects with clients such as Bosch, Laoyin, Magic Bubble, and Portofino. Fabian outlined that "Design cannot be done with a closed mind" and demonstrated how Dongdao knows very well the positive influence of design through good communication and cooperation.

Fabian Furrer

Fabian Furrer keynote presentation at the Dalian Design Festival 2013

Dalian Design Festival keynote presenters  - Ian Wong, Dr Ethan Wang, Xing Yu, and Fabian Furrer.

Dalian Design Festival - China

Dalian Design Festival

 Design Institute of Australia director Ian Wong and Fabian Furrer President of Dongdao International.

Monday, 8 July 2013

China Design Conference - Dalian Design Festival

The Dalian Design Festival was held in China on June 28th and 29th 2013.

Dalian Design Festival keynote presentation by Ian Wong - Design Institute of Australia.

Monday, 1 July 2013

World Industrial Design Day - Suzhou H20 Exhibition

The Design Institute of Australia and Monash University present Suzhou H2O an exhibition at the Southeast University - Monash University Joint Graduate School (Suzhou).

Suzhou H2O features seventy one industrial design projects curated around the theme of water. "Our world is covered 71% by water and for World Industrial Design Day seventy one projects have been selected based on a connection to water. Suzhou is the Venice of the East and the city has Jinji Lake and Dushu Lake as well as being surrounded by waterways." said curator Ian Wong.

Designers and companies featured include: Alessi, Aestech Design, Alvar Aalto, Blue Sky Design, Caroma, Charlwood Design, CobaltNiche, Droog, Design + Industry, David Flynn, Haier, Ideation Design, Invetech, Jasper Morrison, Karim Rashid, Luigi Colani, Marc Newson, Nylex, Marc Pascal, Mario Bellini, Michael Graves, Outerspace Design Group, Oxo, Philippe Starck, Philips, Ron Arad, Ross Lovergrove, Willow and Zip.

In addition to the Suzhou H2O exhibition celebrations for World Industrial Design Day 2013 included a boat cruise on Jinji Lake to view the light and sound show.

World Industrial Design Day - Suzhou H2O

World Industrial Design Day - Suzhou H2O Exhibition

World Industrial Design Day - Suzhou H2O

World Industrial Design Day - Suzhou H2O

World Industrial Design Day - Suzhou H2O

World Industrial Design Day - Suzhou H2O

Suzhou H20 Exhibition opening with Dr Ethan Wang from Monash University and curator Ian Wong Program Director of the Master of Industrial Design program at Monash University.

Seventy one projects make up the Suzhou H2O Exhibition.

World Industrial Design Day activities included a boat cruise on Jinji Lake to view the light and sound show at 8pm.