Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Fabian Furrer - Dalian Design Festival

Fabian Furrer presented a keynote “Experience Design” in the Chinese Design Forum at the 2013 Dalian Design Festival at the Dalian World Expo Square on June 28. Fabian is president of Dongdao International department and shared Dongdao’s successful projects with clients such as Bosch, Laoyin, Magic Bubble, and Portofino. Fabian outlined that "Design cannot be done with a closed mind" and demonstrated how Dongdao knows very well the positive influence of design through good communication and cooperation.

Fabian Furrer

Fabian Furrer keynote presentation at the Dalian Design Festival 2013

Dalian Design Festival keynote presenters  - Ian Wong, Dr Ethan Wang, Xing Yu, and Fabian Furrer.

Dalian Design Festival - China

Dalian Design Festival

 Design Institute of Australia director Ian Wong and Fabian Furrer President of Dongdao International.

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