Monday, 22 July 2013

Syd Mead - Art Center Pasadena

Tonight Bernie Walsh and I joined legendary visual futurist Syd Mead and Roger Servick for a meal whilst in the US.

L-R: Ian Wong, Bernie Walsh, Syd Mead, and Roger Servick.

Syd Mead attended Art Center Pasadena. Art Center is the host for the GM PACE Conference this week where Bernie and I will present a paper. It was an honour in 2010 to present the sellout public lecture 'Syd Mead - Visual Futurist' in Melbourne and wonderful to see both Syd and Roger again.

Syd Mead's Chrysler - Ian Wong, Bernie Walsh and Syd Mead.

We were picked up at our Hotel and treated to a ride in Syd's classic 1972 Chrysler Imperial LeBaron. A wonderful night!

Syd's original artwork is currently on exhibition across the USA - Syd Mead: Progressions.

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