Monday, 29 July 2013

Robert Curedale - Design Methods

I was able to catch up with industrial designer Rob Curedale whilst at Art Center in Pasadena.

Industrial designer Rob Curedale with Ian Wong at Art Center Pasadena California USA.

I first met Rob in New York at the IDSA Conference 2003 and I follow his hugely successful Industrial Design community on LinkedIn.

Rob is originally from Sydney and studied at University of Canberra and then a Masters at UTS.

Currently Rob is an Adjunct Professor at Art Center and publishes books on design methods.

Design Titles by Robert Curedale.

Design Thinking: process and methods manual by Robert A. Curedale

50 Brainstorming Methods: For team and individual ideation by Robert A. Curedale

Design Methods 1: 200 ways to apply design thinking (Volume 1) by Robert Curedale

Design Methods 2: 200 more ways to apply Design Thinking (Volume 2) by Robert Curedale

Mapping Methods: for design and strategy by Robert A. Curedale

50 Selected Design Methods: To transform your design by Robert A. Curedale

Interviews Observation and Focus Groups: 110 methods for user-centered design by Robert A. Curedale

Design Research Methods. by Robert a. Curedale

Design Thinking Pocket Guide by Robert A. Curedale

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