Monday, 10 October 2011

HX Premier - Holden at RMIT

All I see at present is orange. Thank you to the owner of this Sebring Orange HX Holden Premier for choosing to park in Franklin Street at the North end of Bowen Street today. All I could see as I snapped away with my iphone was original sketches by RMIT alumnus and DIA Hall of Fame member Phillip Zmood. Phillip is well represented already in the ORANGE exhibition currently at the Design Gallery with images of the taillights of the HK Monaro, early GTRX images and LX Torana renderings. These images may just be for my research archive.

HX Holden Premier badge.

HX Holden Premier outside RMIT University.

HX Holden Premier front on view at RMIT University.

HX Holden Premier front grill.

HX Holden Premier tail light.

HX Holden Premier wheel trim.

HX Holden wheel trim concept sketch by Holden automotive designer Phillip Zmood.

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