Thursday, 20 October 2011

Prince Philip Prize - STILL winners

The iconic status of the Safe n Sound baby capsule, the Cafe Bar, and the Decor BYO wine cooler as outstanding examples of Australian industrial design is without question. They were innovations, professionally designed and have been commercially successful with all three STILL in production today.

The current visit by Her Majesty the Queen and Prince Philip Duke of Edinburgh does remind us that these products were also awarded the prestigious Prince Phillip Prize for Australian Design. It is worth considering the benefit that this recognition and the significant support to industrial design in Australia provided by Prince Philip with the prize offered from 1968 to 1986. The profile provided by Prince Philip also saw the awards telecast nationally on the ABC on a number of occasions.

The GE K12 kettle designed by Barry Hudson was a winner of the prize in 1978. Finalists and Awards of Merit were also awarded to the Gold Phone (Paul Schremmer) 1986, Wiltshire Staysharp knife (Peter Bayly) 1972, Sebel Integra chair (Charles Furey) 1978, and the Caroma Dual Flush toilet cistern. 1982.

Decor BYO wine carrier designed by Richard Carlson

His Royal Highness Prince Phillip with the iconic Decor BYO wine cooler. Insets: Presenter Stuart Wagstaff, Decor CEO Brian Davis and industrial designer Richard Carlson.
Prince Philip Prize for Australian Design 1980
IMAGES: Decor Corporation publication with images from ABC TV.

Safe n Sound baby capsule designed by Robert Pataki and Phillip Slattery - Robert Pataki Design and PA Technology.
Prince Philip Prize for Australian Design 1986

Prince Charles and Lady Diana inspect the Safe n Sound baby capsule. 1985

Cafe Bar designed Neilsen Design Associates
Prince Philip Prize for Australian Design 1974

GE KE12 electric kettle designed by Barry Hudson

Prince Philip Prize for Australian Design 1978 awarded to the GE K12 Kettle.

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