Sunday, 23 October 2011

ORANGE grows - Monkey grip pots

The color orange is named after the ripe fruit that has been in abundance this year with the citrus orchards in Mildura and the Murray Valley productive after recent rains. ORANGE the exhibition has also grown this week with the inclusion of the first off tool samples of Adam Cornish's fabulous Monkey Grip Pots. During installation we discussed the link between this contemporary work and the development of the Stem chair by Grant and Mary Featherston. Almost forty years between them but like Grant Featherston, Adam is exploring the manufacturing process and exploiting the inherent capacity of the process to deliver innovative product design. It is fitting that the first prototypes were available in orange and that they are home to rich green maiden hair ferns.

Industrial designer Adam Cornish installs Monkey Grip Pots at "ORANGE".

ORANGE exhibition curated by Ian Wong - Design Gallery Oct 6th-28th.
The Aristoc STEM chair designed by Grant and Mary Featherston in the foreground and Adam Cornish's Monkey Grip Pots hanging in the background are innovative rotationally moulded products. 

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