Friday, 14 October 2011

An orange donut? - Luke Troja

Donuts are not usually orange, pink or chocolate maybe, but not often orange. The tankmasta "donut" underground tank design by industrial designer Luke Troja is also not usually in orange. Orange is the complementary color to blue so it stands out against our vivid blue sky and attracts attention. Most commonly this is for safety applications but here it is for product promotion and with the ORANGE exhibition on at the moment it certainly caught my eye. The innovative aspect of this design is the solid external ribs that exploit the rotomoulding process making a strong one piece tank. The Tankmasta Donut & Bagel Underground tanks won the ARMA Technical Product of the Year 2006, the Endevour Innovative Australian Product of the Year 2006 (Consumer) and the Green Plumbers® Product of the Year award 2005.

Australian innovation - the award winning Tankmasta "donut" underground tanks designed by industrial designer Luke Troja.

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  1. I have never seen the donut in orange before, suits the orange exhibition nicely. I’ll have to come see it before it closes. Thanks for the mention as well Ian.