Sunday, 30 October 2011

O-I Glass - RMIT University competition winners

Judging for the O-I Cider bottle design competition for RMIT Industrial Design first year students took place at O-I on Friday October 28th. Prizes were awarded to Ella Sayers, Dustin Bailey, and Tommy Hew for the industry category and Justin Strong for the creative category. The judging panel commended the quality of submissions and overall standard of concepts and competition entry posters. Congratulations to all students who participated in this Work Integrated Learning (WIL) project. The innovative use of wikis and blogs and the world class Wacom Lab facility was also highly praised by senior company executives. Stage 1 was a group intensive project over just seven and a half hours 9am-4.30pm, and stage two an individual competition entry after two weeks.

O-I Senior product designer Julian Ditchburn discusses the outstanding submissions from RMIT industrial design students in the O-I cider bottle design competition.

RMIT industrial design first year student competition entries on display in O-I boardroom. 

The wiki used by students in groups to collaborate is displayed at the O-I boardroom during judging of the cider bottle competition.

Judging panel examine submissions and vote for one creative and one industry ready design.

Industrial design lecturer Ian Wong explains the innovative use of wikis and blogs critical to the outcomes by first year students at RMIT.

Winning competition entries: Dustin Bailey, Tommy Hew, Justin Strong, and Ella Sayers.

O-I Senior product designer Julian Ditchburn and RMIT Industrial Design Communications Coordinator Ian Wong brief students on cider bottle design competition.

Cider bottle concept sketches by first year industrial design student Kim Soo Hyun.

RMIT industrial design students Kate and Dustin working collaboratively in RMIT Wacom Lab on O-I cider bottle competition project.

Industrial design first year student Sarah concept sketching using Alias Sketchbook Pro on the Wacom 21UX tablets in the RMIT Wacom Lab. Sarah's completed wacom sketch showing matt and gloss surface texture is shown in presentation below (click to enlarge). All work in the presentation by Sarah's group shown below was completed just six hours after briefing working online. This final presentation was compiled over the wiki in the last 15 minutes with contributions from all group members.

O-I Senior product designer Julian Ditchburn provides detailed industry feedback to students in the RMIT Wacom lab. All student work submitted on wikis during the one day intensive project was available to be viewed remotely at O-I headquarters .

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