Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Barry Crone - Philips CID Clayton

The Philips Centre for Industrial Design CID at Clayton in Victoria was a major employer of graduate industrial designers in Melbourne. RMIT alumnus Barry Crone worked in glass packaging before joining the studio in the mid 1970s.

The Philips KJ 658 and KJ 258 was one of the first color televisions in Australia and Barry recalls the challenge of "holding" design intent and creative features as the product was engineered for production. You had to fight for your details.  "I still remember all of the battles that had to be fought and won over the engineers to achieve this outcome." Barry recalls. The engineers would say "Can’t have the illuminated number off-centre to the actual switch" or  "can’t attach the slide controls from the top of the knob – must be on the centre". 

It is often said that design is in the detail and as you can see Barry achieved the details he desired in the production television.

Australian designed Philips KJ 658 and KJ258 push button color televisions by industrial designer Barry Crone.

Brochure for Australian designed Philips push button color televisions.

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