Friday, 11 November 2011

Phillip Zmood - Industrial Design Graduate Exhibition 2011

RMIT industrial design alumnus Phillip Zmood visited the industrial design graduates exhibition today. Whilst studying industrial design at RMIT in the early 1960's Phillip won first prize in an international design competition for his concept car the Gannet 1000. He was awarded the John Storey Junior Scholarship and was also the recipient of the Die Casters Award. After graduating he started working at GM Holden in Melbourne in 1965 as a staff designer. He was promoted to assistant chief designer in 1966 and made significant contributions to the HQ sedan, wagon and coupe (Monaro), and was chief designer of the Torana studio from 1969 until 1978. After working in Germany at Opel as chief designer, Mr Zmood returned to Melbourne and, in 1983, was appointed as the first Australian Director of Design at GM Holden. Phillip is also a Hall of Fame member of the Design Institute of Australia.

Phillip showed particular interest in the work of Ryan Fonceca and his Single Person Transport vehicle that was supervised by RMIT lecturer Bernie Walsh. Phillip and Bernie worked together at Holden in the 1980s. Phillip encouraged Ryan to promote his concept for urban vehicles and congratulated him on his project outcomes.

RMIT alumnus and Design Institute of Australia Hall of Fame industrial designer Phillip Zmood congratulates Ryan Fonceca on his Single Person Transport vehicle concept.

Phillip Zmood and Ian Wong with the original drawing of the Gannet 1000.

Zmood - Designing Holdens exhibition Melbourne Museum 2010 curated by Ian Wong.

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