Friday, 4 November 2011

O2 Pursuit - Air powered motorcycle

An Australian-designed motorcycle that runs purely on air..... industrial design innovation.

The "O2 Pursuit" compressed air-powered motorbike has been designed by industrial design student Dean Benstead. Instead of a regular petrol powered engine, the O2 Pursuit uses an Australian-designed compressed air engine developed by EngineAir Australia.

The bike is about the size of a regular 250cc moto-cross two-wheeler, and uses a number of body components donated by Yamaha Australia.

Dean is an outstanding student who excelled in the first year communications course and worked on air powered appliances in a studio with David Flynn.  Dean developed his sketching and visualisation skills taking electives with Bernie Walsh in the RMIT Wacom Lab. He says "the concept offers motorbike riders some fuel for thought when it comes to filling up their rides."

"I wanted to explore the viability of compressed air as an alternative fuel, and my childhood experiences riding dirt bikes led me to design the motocross bike based around the Engineair engine," Benstead says.

He says his next model would likely take a different form, and would also use more high-tech lightweight parts to keep the weight down so it's "comparable to a heavy-duty mountain bike".

The bike will be on display at the Sydney Motorcycle and Scooter Show from November 25-27.

RMIT industrial design student Dean Benstead "O2 pursuit" concept.

Dean Beanstead tests the O2 Pursuit prototype.

Industrial design student Dean Benstead with lecturer Bernie Walsh and Hall of Fame automotive designer Phillip Zmood in the RMIT Wacom Lab.

Dean Benstead O2 Pursuit motorbike concept.

Air Mix by RMIT industrial design student Dean Benstead. Early investigations with air powered devices inspired by POPP design studio with RMIT Alumnus David Flynn - Design Director Willow Australia.

Concept sketch by Dean Benstead RMIT industrial design.

Concept car sketch by Dean Benstead.

Concept sketch by Dean Benstead.

Motorbike helmet concept sketch by Dean Benstead. 

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