Thursday, 17 November 2011

Research outcomes - RMIT University

Congratulations to Phillip Zmood and Damian Lucaciu and all those alumni that feature in RMIT's most recent media production. Damian's taxi project was undertaken in my 4th year studio in 2008 and I have had the pleasure of curating Phillip's career in the 2010 exhibition Zmood - Designing Holdens at Melbourne Museum.

Phillip Zmood at RMIT with fellow Holden designer Bernie Walsh and PhD researcher Ian Wong.

Filming for RMIT media production with Phillip Zmood and Sebring Orange Monaro. Gabriel from the Monaro club responded to a request posted on this blog. I was delighted with the response from club members. This was also an excellent opportunity to collect additional material for my PhD research.

Post on Monaro campus visit here.

RMIT media production featuring industrial design alumni Phillip Zmood and Damian Lucaciu.

RMIT PhD researcher Ian Wong examines the Monaro wheel trim sketch by Phillip Zmood at the RMIT Design Archives

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