Thursday, 10 November 2011

Ryan Fonceca - Holden CO-OP program delivers.

The Holden Co-op program provides RMIT students with the opportunity to work for one year at the Holden design studio at Fishermans Bend gaining experience across all facits of automotive design. Ryan Fonceca was very pleased to share his major project outcomes with Guy Burgoyne - Head of Advanced Design at Holden and Design Director Tony Stolfo and acknowlege the influence the year spent at Holden had on his project.

Ryan Fonceca celebrates his major project outcomes with Holden Advanced Design manager Guy Burgoyne and RMIT lecturer Bernie Walsh.

Co-op program participant Ryan Fonceca and GM Holden Design Director Tony Stolfo.

GM Holden Design Director and Ian Wong at RMIT Industrial Design Graduate Exhibition 2011

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