Sunday, 13 November 2011

Duperite - Dad's Day 1953

The local Church Fete provided a jewel for my collection of Victorian designed products in the form of a set of carpet bias bowls. Piled amongst a huge array of discard toys from our consumer generation were these once treasured and still perfectly functional Duperite bowls.  Dad's Day 1953 is written in biro on the box so these are almost sixty years old. Many of the imported toys sharing the stall were less than one year old. Note (Australiasia) in company name suggests how export orientated manufacturers were post war. Moulded Products (Australasia) Limited were plastics pioneers and these bowls were some of the earliest products manufactured by the company that would become Nylex.

Duperite brand Carpet Bias Bowls manufactured by Moulded Products (Australasia) Limited

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