Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Archive drawing - Grant and Mary Featherston

The pioneering approach to industrial design of Grant and Mary Featherston is well documented. In the late 1960s Grant and Mary worked with Yannis Putnins and Graham Cole at ACI Plastics in Moorabbin on tooling details for the moulds for the innovative iconic Stem chair. The process of rotational moulding plastics was relatively new in Australia and mostly used for large industrial containers. The drawing below is dated 18 September 1969 and was drawn by Bob Watts. The part Number E286 makes it only the 286th item designed and manufactured at the Rotational Mould division. I had the good fortune to work for more than twenty years with Greame Cole and Yannis Putnins at Nylex Rotomould and I learned of this link to the Stem chair from Yannis. He recalls the innovation required at the time and challenge of the project well.

Archive tooling design drawing for the iconic Stem chair by industrial designers Grant and Mary Featherston. 1969

Iconic Australia design the Stem Chair 1969 designed by Grant and Mary Featherston. The chair is a feature of "ORANGE" an exhibition curated by Ian Wong at the Design Gallery - Level 1 175 Collins Street . October 6th-28th.

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  1. Just Googled an old friend's name being Jannis Putnins whom I lost contact with in the 1970's whilst living in Melbourne. This site's link came up and so wanting to contact him if he is the right person. I guess not many people with that name so more than likely he is the one.
    Thanks for any help and regards from Bryan Perry (bryanjperry@yahoo.com.au).