Friday, 26 October 2012

Elivio Bonollo - Industrial Design education

Elivio Bonollo was leading the RMIT industrial design program as Senior Lecturer and course coordinator when I attended the 1980 Open Day display in building 2 as a wide eyed country kid. This was the best program for industrial design in the country and after seeing the professional exhibition, the engaged students and staff that day it was where I wanted to be. Images of camera renderings on canson paper, concepts sketches in fineliner and markers for street furniture and the huge crowd are vivid memories of that Sunday in August.

Elivio established the Degree program at RMIT University which included many features like industry engagement that are only now being adopted in university programs nationally. He went on to establish the new program at Monash University and now is an Emeritus  Professor at Canberra University supervising leading PhD candidates.

Australian industrial design academic Elivio Bonollo.

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