Saturday, 11 June 2011

Regis - Cheers to over 170 Million

My collection of locally designed products grows each time a go to an opp shop or market. The packaging for this classic seventies prawn cocktail set of glasses designed by Ted Kayser is a ripper, I couldn't resist. Ted has provided a full account of the product development in the late sixties of this incredibly successful product range. My father was given a huge set, in a blue box by his employees for Xmas in the seventies, so they were always out at Wong family parties. The original five pieces 9oz, 7oz, 6oz, 5oz and 2 1/2 oz, glasses were awarded the Industrial Design Council of Australia Good Design Award in 1969. Over 170,000,000 items were manufactured from a range that grew from five to finally 17 pieces, designed between 1969 and 1973. (The carafe is still in production, see previous post)

Regis prawn cocktail set designed by industrial designer Edward Kayser

Twelve of the eventual seventeen products in the Regis glassware range designed by Edward Kayser.
The Regis range is in the permanent collection of the National Gallery of Victoria.

Regis glassware range by Edward Kayser.

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