Saturday, 11 June 2011

Innovation - Oil,Eggs and Milk, but no pancakes.

Industrial designer Jim Samartgis has a fundamental approach to design that leads more often than not to original, innovative and commercially successful results for his loyal clients. Jim and I worked together on the edp Powerladder and he is an invaluable resource for RMIT students when his workload permits. The patented microwave egg poacher evolved through extensive testing at a time when consumers had grown accustomed to having eggs explode in their microwaves. Likewise he took a simple flat tray and added features to his oil change pan that see it copied the world over. Most recently the innovative microwave milk boiling jug for Decor. All three designs are STILL in production.

Innovative Australian designed oil change pan by industrial designer Jim Samartgis

Australian innovation, patented microwave egg poacher, by industrial designer Jim Samartgis

Milk heating jug for Decor by industrial designer Jim Samartgis.

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