Thursday, 2 June 2011

Fries with that - Drive through menus

I didn't think making a CAD model of one of the world's most recognisable logos would be the result of Des Harris's 1985 Computer Aided Drawing class. Using the latest Macintosh IIe it took several weeks to produce a 2D floor plan of Building 2 I recall. The recent EJO project involved documenting and providing tooling files for sign construction which then developed into a project for the drive-through and in-store menu boards. This second stage was a collaboration with product design engineer Ross Williams who I first worked with in 1988 at John Westwood Design Associates in the Box Hill office. Jack Magree (who I think may have also done Des's CAD assignment) Steve Martinuzzo, Mario Matkovich and Phillip Slattery all worked with John Westwood at JWDA.

3D CAD data created and supplied for McDonald's golden arches signage by EJO

McDonald's drive-through and in-store menus designed by EJO

Mac IIe computers used in RMIT industrial design program in 1985.

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