Thursday, 5 July 2012

Tate Anson - SOYA

Melbourne Movement member and RMIT alumnus industrial designer Tate Anson has entered the Spirit of Youth Awards for 2012.

I would encourage all to support emerging talent and vote in the people's choice for these awards.

Driven by the potential for new technology to reinvent and reinvigorate traditional furniture making Tate is emerging as a design talent and winning this award would greatly support his career.

An amazing twelve month mentorship from Marc Newson is on offer.

Good luck Tate.

To vote for Tate click link below and like his entry.

Designer Tate Anson in Milan at the Salone Satellite 2012 pictured explaining the innovation of the Tryst stool to one of the hundreds of intrigued visitors.

Tate Anson with Melbourne Movement director Ian Wong at Salone Satellite 2012. 

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